Do you know Rule no 1 in Trading? Risk Management - what you need to know

Striking a balance between risk management while maximizing profit is the hallmark of being a successful trader or investor. We take an in-depth look at some of the tried and tested strategies for better risk management. At the end of this module, you’ll have much better insight about the many ways in which you minimize your losses, assess the risks involved, and invest accordingly.  So, what are you waiting for? Let’s take a deep dive, right away!

Episode 1

How much risk can you afford to take?

Learn about the various factors that influence your risk appetite and take better investment decisions based on those. It’s all about... Time: 05:11

Episode 2

Rupee cost averaging is for Investors, not Traders

Rupee cost averaging is better for investors who invest over a long period of time. In this module, we take a deeper look into some str... Time: 01:55

Episode 3

Understanding Entry, Exit and Stop loss

For a successful trade to occur, entering and exiting at the right time, and setting up a stop-loss can mitigate any adverse impacts on... Time: 04:56

Episode 4

What is a Trailing stop loss and why do you need it?

Figuring out how to adjust your stop loss is critical for minimizing losses and maximizing profits. So, let’s quickly find out the st... Time: 02:08

Episode 5

Explaining Trailing stops and the ATR method

In this module, we understand more about Trailing Stop Loss and the Average True Range (ATR), which is an effective technical analysis ... Time: 06:50

Episode 6

Understanding the 2% Rule

Learn how to successfully implement the 2% rule to minimize risks and the impact of losses on your trading portfolio. Time: 02:19

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