Reading Financial Statements made easy

"Financial statements can provide vital information about a company's financial health. Reviewing and understanding Financial Statements is an integral part for anyone who wants to make smart investment choices. However this topic has been considered very lengthy and boring by most people who are not part of this field. But not anymore ! Learn simple ways to understand a company's Profit and Loss statement, decipher its Balance Sheet, know about its Assets and Liabilities, and swiftly read through its Cash Flow Statement to make better investing decisions through this movie.

Episode 1

An introduction to the three major Financial Statements

Financial statements can tell investors about the financial health & earning potential of a company. Time: 7:16

Episode 2

The Annual Report and what it tells you

The annual report is a snapshot of a firm’s financials and the management’s strategy and vision. Time: 3:50

Episode 3

Is the company generating enough profit?Understanding the Profit & Loss Statemen...

A company’s Profit & Loss statement tells you how much revenue & profit it has earned and how much expense it has incurred. Time: 7:30

Episode 4

Is the company generating enough profit?Understanding the Profit & Loss Statemen...

The Profit and Loss statement shows a firm's ability to manage its expenses, generate sales, and earn profits over a period of time. Time: 11:51

Episode 5

Introduction to Balance Sheet – Part 1 of 3

A company’s balance sheet gives you a snapshot of its health as on specific date; also learn the components of the balance sheet. Time: 5:53

Episode 6

Assets: How much does the company own? (Introduction to the Balance Sheet – Part...

Assets are resources created by a company to benefit operations. Analysing assets in a balance sheet talks about a company’s value. Time: 9:01

Episode 7

Liabilities: How much does the company owe? (Introduction to the Balance Sheet –...

A liability is a debt the company owes. Usually, it is used to finance business operations and pay for large expansions. Time: 6:05

Episode 8

Cashing in on the Cash Flow Statement: Where is the money going? (Part 1 of 2)

In this module, you will learn what a Cash Flow Statement is, and how much money the company generates from its core business activity. Time: 8:42

Episode 9

Cashing in on the Cash Flow Statement: How much money is flowing in? (Part 2 of...

Learn what are cash from investing activities and cash from financing activities and their importance. Time: 6:16

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