How to pick Blockbuster IPO's!

Did you know that some IPOs trade at more than 100% their issue price today? But not all IPOs turn out to be blockbusters. So how do you pick the right IPOs to invest in? Here's a complete guide that will help you to analyze and decode a company's growth potential through the information given in its IPO prospectus. This movie will also teach you to evaluate whether the issue price is appropriate for investment. Here's the step by step process required to evaluate and apply for an IPO.

Episode 1

What is an IPO and why do companies issue shares?

Companies issue IPOs to grow their business; buying these shares make you part owner of the companies to get a share of their profits. Time: 20:36

Episode 2

How Investors have made profits from IPOs?

Many investors have earned massive profits from IPOs in the past; here’s how they got so lucky. Time: 7:21

Episode 3

Should you opt for listing gains or long-term gains?

Should you invest in IPOs to profit through listing gains or long-term gains? Here are some factors that can help you decide. Time: 11:57

Episode 4

Don’t let crooked agents fool you

Investment agents fool you with tall stories and big claims. Here are signs that can help you decide whether he’s genuine or fake. Time: 8:23

Episode 5

Important factors to look for before you invest in an IPO

You obviously can’t invest in all IPOs, so how do you decide which ones will benefit you the most? Watch this video for the checklist... Time: 17:45

Episode 6

Greenshoe Module 1: IPO terminologies explained

In this module, we take you through the steps that you will need to follow to invest in an IPO. Time: 7:34

Episode 7

Greenshoe Module 2: Understanding the Greenshoe option in an IPO

The Greenshoe option allows companies to stabilise share prices in case of turbulent market conditions. Time: 2:55

Episode 8

A step by step guide on how to evaluate an IPO using a real-life example

Use the checklist you learnt in the previous lesson to evaluate a company to see if it is worth investing your hard earned money. Time: 20:18

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