Top 9 Factors to select Equity Mutual Funds

There are about 800 open ended mutual fund schemes from 42 mutual fund houses. You could invest in 5 to 10 or say maximum 20 schemes, but which of these 800 odd schemes will you invest in? How will you select the right scheme that is best suited for you? This movie will help you understand the different types of mutual funds available in the market, the advantages and disadvantages of each. You will also learn how to evaluate fund managers and fund houses to make sure you've invested in a winning fund.

Episode 1

What does wealthy actually mean?

Being wealthy means being able to sustain the life you truly desire without having to work for money but to make money work for you. Time: 4:08

Episode 2

Why equity is one of the best ways to build wealth?

Equity is an Income Producing Asset, in which your money works the hardest for you. Learn how investments help you create great wealth. Time: 6:20

Episode 3

Ways of Investing in equity?

There are two different ways of investing in Equity; Direct Investing and Indirect investing. Which one is best suited for you? Time: 5:56

Episode 4

Diversified Equity Mutual Funds

There are 12 types of equity mutual funds. To know the best funds which suits your need, just look at the composition of its portfolio. Time: 6:58

Episode 5

Types of Equity Mutual Funds - Sectoral Funds

Sectoral funds typically invest in the stocks of one particular sector. What happens when you choose to go steady with a single sector? Time: 1:54

Episode 6

Types of Equity Mutual Funds - Equity Linked Savings Scheme

These schemes a great tool for creating long-term wealth & saving taxes. They are known for compulsory lock-in period of 3 years. Time: 2:20

Episode 7

Types of Equity Mutual Funds - Thematic, Contra & DIvidend Yield Funds

Thematic funds are mutual funds based on a particular theme. How well these funds perform depends on the sectors within that theme. Time: 3:24

Episode 8

Types of Equity Mutual Funds - International Funds

International funds let cash in on the success of companies and markets, the world over. Here’s how it can make wealth travel to you. Time: 2:05

Episode 9

Types of Equity Mutual Funds - Index Funds

Index funds have lower expense ratios than other equity mutual funds Time: 2:41

Episode 10

Fund House Pedigree, Fund Objectives & Fund Style

One of the first things you should be looking at is the kind of reputation a particular fund house enjoys and the fund’s objective. Time: 5:32

Episode 11

Performance Track Record

Here’s exactly what to look for when evaluating an equity mutual fund’s track record. Time: 3:19

Episode 12

Fund Risk, Portfolio Diversification, Star Ratings & Fund Managers

Studying a fund’s risk, ratings and manager can help you pick the right one. You can measure a fund’s risk using these 2 measures. Time: 4:36

Episode 13

Costs & Charges

One of the ways to start looking at the costs involved is through Expense Ratio. Here’s how fund costs affect overall investment. Time: 3:26

Episode 14

Asset Size

The general rule to follow – is that it shouldn’t be very large but it shouldn’t be too small either. Time: 2:52

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