Mutual Funds - A 360 Degree Overview

Growth option, Dividend pay-out, Dividend Reinvestment, Dividend Transfer, SIP – Systematic Investment Plan, STP – Systematic Transfer Plan, Switching option… What do all these terms mean? While there are various schemes offered by Mutual Funds, Fund houses also offer a bouquet of facilities that can help you tailor the fund to best suit your needs. So which of these should you opt for? Learn how to opt for the facilty that will best fit you investment requirement.

Episode 1

Mutual Fund Facilities - Growth Option

Growth refers to an increase in the value of an investment over a period of time. Time: 4:26

Episode 2

Mutual Fund Facilities - Dividend Based Options

While some folks can wait for their wealth to grow over time, others may invest to create a regular source of income. Time: 6:37

Episode 3

Mutual Fund Facilities - Systematic Investment & Systematic Transfer Plans

Systematic Investment Plans and Systematic Transfer Plans are two ways in which you can make the most of your time. Time: 4:14

Episode 4

Mutual Fund Facilities - Regular & Direct Modes of Investing

There are two main routes to investing in Mutual funds Regular and Direct. Take a closer look at each route. Time: 4:13

Episode 5

Taxation of Mutual Funds

Imagine putting in time and effort to create wealth and end up losing a big chunk to the taxman! Time: 4:45

Episode 6

An Introduction to Systematic Investment Plans

SIPs help your investment ride the market’s ups and downs over a long-term period. Time: 6:26

Episode 7

Types of Systematic Investment Plans

Mutual fund houses generally offer 4 types of Systematic Investment Plans you can choose from. Time: 6:23

Episode 8

Linking SIPs to your Long-term Goals

In order to make sure you’re getting the most out of your SIP it is crucial to link your SIP to your goals. Time: 4:21

Episode 9

Understanding Systematic Transfer Plans

STPs allow you to invest a lump sum into one scheme and then regularly transfer units into another scheme. Time: 4:19

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