Stock picking made easy

"There are around 5000 stocks that are traded in the BSE and the NSE, but even after learning trading styles and strategies are you going to apply it to all the 5000 stocks?! It's like trying to find a needle in the haystack! That's precisely why you need to learn stock scanning techniques of what stocks to buy and when. This movie will show you the techniques that will save you precious time, as they help you narrow down the vast universe of stocks to identify only a select few that fit your trading style and bill."

Episode 1

An Introduction to stock scanning, trading styles, and strategies

Stock scanning is an important step to win in the stock market. It helps narrow your choices from universe of stocks to pick the best. Time: 19:31

Episode 2

Intraday scanning technique 1: Using a pre-defined scanner

Intraday traders need to make quick moves to cash in on market movements; this module shows you how to customise stock scanner. Time: 14:50

Episode 3

Intraday scanning technique 2: Checking the pre-market open window

The early bird always catches the worm! If you are one, then the pre-market scanner is perfect. You only have an 8 minute window. Time: 6:02

Episode 4

Intraday scanning technique 3: Checking top gainers and top losers

Do you know, that in stock market betting on losers can win too? Here’s how to scan for stocks by checking the top gainers and losers... Time: 5:10

Episode 5

Intraday scanning technique 4: Checking for open interest

Stocks with high open interest are expected to be more active and offer greater trading opportunities. Time: 4:20

Episode 6

Swing trading technique 1: Using a pre-defined scanner

If you are a swing trader, here’s how you can customise and use a pre-defined Scanner to scan for stocks. Time: 9:04

Episode 7

Swing trading technique 2: Using the relative strength scanner

The Relative strength scanner helps you compare sector and stock performances, so you can pick & trade stock in the strongest sector. Time: 4:45

Episode 8

Swing trading technique 3: Checking candlestick patterns

Trading using candlestick patterns is a low risk high reward trading strategy. It helps you pick stocks based on different patterns. Time: 5:39

Episode 9

Swing trading technique 4: Checking for open interest

Swing traders, too, can also use the open interest scanner to identify the right trading opportunities. Time: 5:23

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