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Deepak Pandey

It's amazing 😍 the way this platform is introducing market it's really marvelous 👌🙏🙏

Surendra Sen

It is totally new era for ,,stock marketing learning ,,it's really sportsman sprite in office or in classroom ,,,,, best wishes to team worker director,n finnessor

Vijay Adivarekar

A Unique learning platform for everyone where we can learn about Share market and whole Finance with fun. Thanks Moneyflix, Keep it up...

Venkatavinodh C

Helpful for investors and traders,my request to add pre ipo in financial movie

Sunil K


salam bin sayeed chaush

Very nice learning platform. I am really very impressed about your work.

Fouzia Shaikh

Excellent platform, where we can learn and understand financial Knowledge.. Awsome effort team MONEYFLIX...

Geetanjali Ghadi


Smit Pamak


Sharlyn D'Souza

Easy and entertaining way to learn about financial markets.

Dr. Shivani

For me it's been a long time away from books... was apprenhensive at first. But believe me to learn complex topics of trading/investing and personal finance; this turned out really an amazing and fun way to learn. Such engaging and edutaining content I am looking forward for more. Great work TEAM MONEYFLIX!

Viral Shah

First Class....unique approach to learning. Looking forward for more videos

Gaurang Ved

Unique Platform where financial Knowledge Complexities are explained in Innovative & entertaining way making it interesting for learners.

Monika Prajapati

Learn with fun.. Excellent platform..

Shamsher Khan

All in one :)

Tanmay Pani

An excellent platform to learn finance. Very engaging content and a very novel concept. Great work.

komal patel

Simply Awesome! Best way to learn financial markets... excellent content .

Prasad Biwalkar

Excellent..makes learning easy..

Nitesh Salunke


Prerna Naik


Harshada Naik

Excellent platform

Geetanjali Ghadi

Excellent platform

Kapil Mokashi

Awesome experience..An excellent way of navigating the confusing maze of finance.Explains jargon's in a fun way.Finance would no more be boring if taught in this way.Eagerly waiting for new movies on this platform.Kudos to Sharekhan Education team!

Farrukh Khan

when we hear the name of Financial knowledge then first thing comes to our mind is boring but this portal makes this boring subject into amazing interesting stories . So much fun where we can relate to and enjoy while learning . Great Stuff Team Moneyflix .

Jayesh Thakkar

Very good

Swati Keluskar

Excellent, One platform for all Information. Good Job!

Supriya Chandra

Excellent platform, where we can learn and understand financial market easily just by watching short and simple videos. Its very informative platform for learning stock market.

Sarvesh Mishra

Nice learning platform, where we can learn and understand financial market easily just by watching short and simple videos.

Arun kumar

User friendly site. If you are totally a fresher then this will definitely help you

Priya Kasbe

A very nice video platform where we can learn and understand financial market by watching short videos.

Ashok Durgam

Excellent platform to learn about the Financial Market.

Selvi Thevar

Very nice in one platform we can get whole market strategy through movie base and it makes easy to understand.

Vinod A P

Amazing platform,This Website carries huge content for freshers,investors,experts who look for stock market trading kind of knowledge.Very nice

Cherukuru Badhulla

Very informative one click for all financial learning. Good one!!

Dhara Kundalia

Amazing, innovation to the next level. Brilliant app

Deepak Mishra

Good Work. The website is really Dynamic and user friendly.

Raj Chinndarkar

Sundeep Thakur

Impressive..., All in One platform for all the financial market learning.

Micky Gala

Excellent content and very easy to understand. Very informative

Micky Gala

Content is super and easy to understand. Very Informative.

Annada Balbantroy

This is one of the best platform to learn about Stock market for a beginner, novice traders and for experts also as it gives comprehensive knowledge about fundamental and technical analysis.

Binayak Kandhway

A new way to learn the stock markets. This will surely change the way we learn stuff.

Anand Sharma

Answer to all the investment and trading related questions. The design is very professional and well done. It is easy to navigate this site. The content flows very well and is well written. Great job to everyone involved.

Vaishnavi Dixit

Content on MoneyFLIX is vallen good. Easy to learn and understand financial market through short and simple videos.

Varun Sengupta

The videos are informative would be helpful for future an amazing initiative for the longer run.. Much needed..

Harender Kumar

Content is very good. A nice way to learn financial market.

Sarvesh Mishra

nice, will help a lot to understand financial topic

Amar Sharma

Excellent.. Nice to watch financial videos...

Bipin Singh

Excellent concept to make stock market learning so easy. Brilliant movie concepts explaining technicals is a cherry on the cake. Kudos team MoneyFlix.

Karan Bhardwaj

Amazing innovation, one stop solution for financial literacy. Wow platform

Sandeep Kumar

Its nice platform, where you can learn financial market by watching videos. All topics are covered and easily understandable.

hiral maru

An excellent platform providing cinematic approach for fun learning into trading and investing .The next GENERATION approach which can hook all . Hard and Smart work always pays- Great going Team MoneyFlix!

Deekshant Jha

The website is dynamic and user friendly. Content is superb. Great work guys!

Juhi Batavia

This is a really nice and easy way for beginners to learn. This platform also gives a whole new set of audience a view into the financial world and the right way to learn.

Edwin David


Ankita Mhatre

Easy to learn with the fun and made it really interesting!

Binayak Kandhway

I congratulate the Money Flix team for building a great platform and a vibrant way of learning the stock market. This is surely going to change the way we learn stuff. A well and beautifully thought endeavor. I wish them all the best.

Edwin David

Excellent ?

Dilshad Pavri

It is very informative. It also gives financial knowledge in a very innovative way.

Manisha Macwan

Content is really good. Great Job!!

Biswajit Sarkar

Content is really engaging. Excellent way to learn about the financial markets!

Dharit Mehta

Just one word Mind Blowing!!!! Excellent, very Innovative. Keep it up team!!!

Vipul Parashar

Excellent Platform! Best for Novice to understand about the basics of financial market. Unique and Revolutionary move by team in financial education. Good Job.

Ankita Pawar

Short clips are quite interesting to understand the concepts. Overall a novice can benefit from this. Good work team.


An excellent and creative way of learning for beginners in the financial market, Very well presented. Great work !!

Meghan Kamdar

Wonderful Content. Quality of content is such that even novice can understand. I like the manner in which videos are prepared. Videos are very exciting to watch. It provides better understanding of financial market.

Madhu Kohli

Structured Learning incorporated in a very simplified manner for beginners with such vivacious videos. Great content delivered with a good flow making financial markets so interesting to learn. Brilliant effort Money flix team !!

Sheldon Ferns

Simplified and a new way to learn the financial markets.

Amrit Dutta

Very interesting and a fun way to learn tough and complex topics of trading and investing, even a novice can understand the related subjects. Great stuff Moneyflix team !!

Tushar Javkar

That's absolutely amazing!! Who thought learning personal finance and complex topics of trading & investing could be as simplified as this. I must thank the entire team of Moneyflix for this revolution in the field of investing education. A must have for everyone.

Afreen Shaikh

Content is really good with user friendly interface and unique method to upgrade the financial knowledge.

Vishal Sheth

I have nothing but good things to say about my experience with them. I have loved the learning I have been able to do and look forward to taking many more classes with them

Shailja Mishra

excellent concept to learn financial education.

Shreya Raji

Absolutely love Moneyflix! I am new to capital markets and trading, so this platform is literally my saving grace to understand in depth about markets. Who would have ever thought that learning about capital markets could be so interesting and fun both at the same time? Besides the vast and fun content on Moneyflix, the UI here is easy to use. Great work...

Vishal Sheth

Good Content and Exciting videos to learn Financial markets in-depth as well as All Topics covered in form of story-telling & easily understandable.

Manisha Macwan

Content is really good.

Swapnil Pandharpatte

Nice videos for financial knowledge.

Biswajit Sarkar

Engaging content

Nagnath Halkatti

Amazing ! its really simple to understand the advance concepts!! This is the unique way to learn with fun!! Kudos to Team!!

Swara Gawde

Amazing videos! User friendly platform. Very unique method of education. Great Job!

Vasim Vora

Amazing content, curated meticulously for even a laymen to understand the basic of Finance. Creative way for putting forward difficult subjects in easy & humorous manner. Kudos to the Moneyflix team for this innovation.

Nafisa Bharmal

Unique method to upgrade the financial knowledge! Good Job!

Immaqlena Bugree

Fun-way to educate oneself on Financial Content! The language used is simple, so even a novice can understand! Animation is great, which actually compels oneself to go through the content! Fantastic! Good Job!

Fahim Ansari

Fantabulous !!!!!!! The small movies make it easy to learn the concept of Finance.

sagar thumar

Good Content and Exciting videos to learn Financial markets in-depth as well as All Topics covered in form of story-telling & easily understandable.

vikas taware

Financial education and entertainment at the same time. absolute must subscription for every household.

Jeet Panchal

Content is really good with user friendly interface..All Topics covered in form of story-telling.

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