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PowerHouse Trading Strategy - Part 1

How do you decide when and at what price you should buy or sell a stock? Have you tried strategy after strategy to time the market but seem to fail more often than succeed? Maybe that's because you use a single indicator at a time. What if we teach you how to combine two powerful technical indicators to form a trading strategy? What's more, this trading strategy combining Bollinger Bands and Relative Strength Index can be applied to any asset class as well as any style of trading in any market condition.

Reading Financial Statements made easy

"Financial statements can provide vital information about a company's financial health. Reviewing and understanding Financial Statements is an integral part for anyone who wants to make smart investment choices. However this topic has been considered very lengthy and boring by most people who are not part of this field. But not anymore ! Learn simple ways to understand a company's Profit and Loss statement, decipher its Balance Sheet, know about its Assets and Liabilities, and swiftly read through its Cash Flow Statement to make better investing decisions through this movie.

Top 9 Factors to select Equity Mutual Funds

There are about 800 open ended mutual fund schemes from 42 mutual fund houses. You could invest in 5 to 10 or say maximum 20 schemes, but which of these 800 odd schemes will you invest in? How will you select the right scheme that is best suited for you? This movie will help you understand the different types of mutual funds available in the market, the advantages and disadvantages of each. You will also learn how to evaluate fund managers and fund houses to make sure you've invested in a winning fund.

Stock picking made easy

"There are around 5000 stocks that are traded in the BSE and the NSE, but even after learning trading styles and strategies are you going to apply it to all the 5000 stocks?! It's like trying to find a needle in the haystack! That's precisely why you need to learn stock scanning techniques of what stocks to buy and when. This movie will show you the techniques that will save you precious time, as they help you narrow down the vast universe of stocks to identify only a select few that fit your trading style and bill."

An introduction to Financial Ratios

How do you know whether a company you have invested in or plan to invest in, is financially stable or not? By using financial ratios ofcourse! While Financial statements give you the overall picture of the company’s health, ratio analysis lets you read in between the lines and understand how each of the statement connects with the other. By using ratios, you can understand quantitative as well as qualitative aspects about a company. It lets you gather deeper insights into the profitability, operations of the business and also the efficiency of the management.

Mutual Funds - A 360 Degree Overview

Growth option, Dividend pay-out, Dividend Reinvestment, Dividend Transfer, SIP – Systematic Investment Plan, STP – Systematic Transfer Plan, Switching option… What do all these terms mean? While there are various schemes offered by Mutual Funds, Fund houses also offer a bouquet of facilities that can help you tailor the fund to best suit your needs. So which of these should you opt for? Learn how to opt for the facilty that will best fit you investment requirement.

Immunity in Diversity

"Putting all your eggs in one basket can spell disaster, because if the basket falls, all your eggs would simply break! Same is the case with investments. Diversification is nothing but spreading your investments into different asset classes and securities, so that all your eggs are not in one basket. By way of using diversification effectively, traders can navigate turbulent or adverse market conditions much better. In this movie, you will learn the concept of diversification, its importance in mitigating risk and the various ways in which you can do so to better safeguard your money."

How to pick Blockbuster IPO's!

Did you know that some IPOs trade at more than 100% their issue price today? But not all IPOs turn out to be blockbusters. So how do you pick the right IPOs to invest in? Here's a complete guide that will help you to analyze and decode a company's growth potential through the information given in its IPO prospectus. This movie will also teach you to evaluate whether the issue price is appropriate for investment. Here's the step by step process required to evaluate and apply for an IPO.

Do you know Rule no 1 in Trading? Risk Management - what you need to know

Striking a balance between risk management while maximizing profit is the hallmark of being a successful trader or investor. We take an in-depth look at some of the tried and tested strategies for better risk management. At the end of this module, you’ll have much better insight about the many ways in which you minimize your losses, assess the risks involved, and invest accordingly.  So, what are you waiting for? Let’s take a deep dive, right away!

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